Monday, 3 June 2013

What's the Point?

Whilst writing content for this site (including the 'why keep reading' section), I thought I would write a little, post on why this blog exists and, basically, what the point of it is. 

This blog has a few purposes. I want to be able to present my research and I want to connect with Academics around the world. I want to have somewhere to vent all of the 'work'-related thoughts that are spinning round in my head. I also want somewhere to keep all my work in a nice and neat fashion. I already have a personal blog, but the people who read that probably don't want to hear endless book reviews or discussions about neo-Victorian asylums! You, dear reader, get that here instead.

In case you were wondering, I'll be posting a whole bunch of things. There'll be updates about my career, including my time at University, conferences I attend and speak at, and my essays and papers. There'll be book reviews and updates from the 'extra curricular' activities I participate in. There'll be (relevant) film reviews and any other random things that I think relate to Literature/Academia/my areas of interest.

So that is my reasoning behind this blog and website!
I hope you continue to read. 
Since this site was 'officially' launched two weeks ago I've had some 620 views, which I am beyond delighted about. 
Thank you so very much to anyone who has taken the time to read this website. 


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