Wednesday, 19 June 2013

POWS Prize Update

Firstly, apologies for my week-long absence. I ended up on a total vacation from work. It was much needed and I'm ready to bounce back now. 

Last week was still an eventful one. I heard back about the POWS Prize, and unfortunately I was not successful. Despite this, I was invited to present my work at the POWS conference (which, sadly, I will be unable to attend due to other commitments and financial constraints), and I was also given some excellent feedback: 

This is a very good piece of work, but it doesn't make a strong enough psychological contribution for this particular prize..
Well done on an excellent piece of work.

I was very happy with the feedback as I expected that to be the likely outcome; I knew that my knowledge of psychological research would be what let my paper down. It's still a huge achievement to be shortlisted for such a prestigious prize. 

I'd like to thank the POWS panel for looking at my work so favourably, and hope to enter another paper for the award in the future.


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