Thursday, 30 May 2013


Wow! What a busy period. I sent off my POWS Prize submission a couple of weeks ago and then began work on my paper for the neo-Victorian Villainy Symposium, which was last weekend. The symposium was fantastic, and really inspired me to spend a little more time looking at the neo-Victorian texts that I tend to ignore in favour of Victorian ones! 

I've added some more content to this site, and will be uploading my POWS Prize paper shortly. I will also edit and upload my papers from the Villainy symposium and the Victorian Asylum conference from way back in 2011. 

Finally, I'm preparing to send off two abstracts for conferences which sound absolutely brilliant. 

Then I have a month to do some relaxing and reading, which will be my semblance of a Summer break!

I hope the weather perks up a little and that you all enjoy the beginning of the Summer.


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