Tuesday, 21 May 2013


Firstly, thank you very much for taking the time to read my blog. If you're unsure what you're doing here, I recommend reading the 'About' section, which you can access via the menu bar (to the left) or by clicking here.

Well! It has been a busy old time of late. As you can see, this website is now up and running, for which I have my wonderful designer extraordinaire (Hannah) to thank. You can contact her via her website, which I highly recommend doing if you require designing services or the like. The website has a few tweaks left to go, so please keep checking back.

Now for a brief update. It is that deadline-laden time of year, hence the blog being a little bare bones at the moment. Soon enough it will be summer, and then hopefully things will change. My summer will be spent completing a couple of pieces of work I have outstanding, preparing research for my dissertation, and then I have a conference paper to deliver in July. I also have plenty of planning to do for the next Academic year.

Last Thursday (16th May) I submitted my 3,000 word essay for the BPS POWS Undergraduate Prize 2013, which I was shortlisted for earlier this year (you can read about that here). I'm very pleased with how my essay turned out. Whilst it may not have drawn upon the extent of psychological theory that a Psychology student may be privy to, I felt it met the POWS Prize brief. It certainly raised some interesting points, and I hope to explore these further in my Undergraduate dissertation, which is due for completion this time next year. 

The Annual Victorian Lecture, organised by Hull University's Victorian Studies Centre, was also last Thursday. It was a fantastic lecture, maintaining the precedent set by the Centre so far for attracting top Victorian Studies academics. A blog post focusing on the lecture is under preparation. I love the way that, each year, the Annual Lecture introduces me to a new area of research or approach to Victorian studies. It was also nice to see all the Hull University Victorianists before everyone disperses for the summer vacation. 

This coming Saturday (25th) is the neo-Victorian Villainy symposium at the University of York. I'm very excited about the event, despite having been ill for a few days, and cannot wait to give my paper titled: 'Come on, you little bitch,' she said to me, 'sing out!'' - Villainous Doctors & Cruel [neo-] Victorian Nurses. As the conference is being organised by the Department of Theatre, Film and Television, I am currently preparing a multi-media visual delight of a presentation... if I can figure out how to insert video clips into Powerpoint. 

I highly recommend that, if you are in the area, you visit the conference. The confirmed papers all sound fascinating, and it promises to be a great day. You can find out more about the event by searching for it on Facebook (search for Neo-Victorian Villainy). Obviously, I shall be reporting back from the symposium!


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