Wednesday, 22 May 2013

University of Hull Annual Victorian Lecture 2013

On Thursday 16th May, I had the pleasure of attending the University of Hull Centre for Victorian Studies's Annual Victorian Lecture. The lecture was titled 'Victorian Studies in the Context of World Literatures and Globalization Studies' and was delivered by Professor Regenia Gagnier (University of Exeter), and was absolutely enthralling from beginning to end. 

Professor Gagnier discussed the filtration of British Victorian literature throughout the world, and provided interesting statistics on the most commonly translated British Victorian authors. Her engaging lecture was informed by her current research into the global circulation of Victorian literature, focusing on literature of the decadence movement. 

I have recently been very much cocooned with my studies, focusing on literature by Victorian women writers with a 'psychiatric' focus, a rather niche area, so it was particularly nice to hear about the aspects of Victorian studies which have transcended the globe. 

Unfortunately, I forgot my notepad, so my memories of the lecture are all I have to base this blog report on; my bad! I absolutely recommend to anyone the Annual Victorian Lecture held at the University of Hull. Previous lectures have been given by Elaine Showalter and Margaret Stetz. I hope to report to you again from next year's lecture.


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